Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We've Got Our Bling On!

The students are now wearing their special "bling" t-shirts. The first assignment was not done in Second Life, it was done using the open source software called "Gimp." Students learned how to use many of the paint and effect tools by creating their name in bling which was then applied to a black t-shirt template used in Second Life. Today we continued the sofa and matching chair problem with a new twist. The students will create a vignette that looks like a furniture showroom. They will add a few accessories such as tables, lamps, wall decor, and rugs. Although this is a solo assignment, students confer with each other regarding the new skills they are honing. Once they each have a good skill level, they will be able to more easily collaborate on upcoming challenges. These photos were taken by students and sent to their epal accounts for storage. (See video below)