Friday, November 20, 2009

Learning to Texture Specific Faces of a Prim

We continued our basic prim work by learning how to select specific faces of a prim for texturing. If you are building a house, you certainly don't want the inside of the house to look like the outside so you can put bricks, stone, or siding on the outer face of the wall, and wallpaper or plaster on the inner face. Students will create a window that fits into the hollow space and texture it with one of the many glass textures they have available from the Lowell Depot. (See video below)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Login, Chat, Create, Stretch, Hollow, Rotate, Texture & Snap Pic

I got to meet this group last week when they were working on Gimp, but today I had the great fun of seeing yet another group of kids as they took their first steps in Second Life. Looking at their faces as they login and see their virtual selves is something not to be missed. This group got right to work learning to do everything in the post title. Oh, they also learned to retrieve their passwords from their epal accounts :) (See video below)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Clone, Align, Taper, and Twist

Students today concentrated on cloning prims by using the shift/click/pull method. They learned about twist and taper, and making sure their prims were linked so multiple pieces can be moved as a single unit. Two days later, these students learned how to hollow, rotate, stretch, and name their objects. (See videos below)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Students Take Over

This week Amy and Carla volunteered to teach the new students how to use Gimp to create their name in BLING for their Second Life t-shirts. I stood back and tried not to butt in too much :) I remember wanting to help my friends so much in school only to have my teacher tell me, "Miss Spack! I am the teacher, not you! Go back to your seat!" (big sigh of defeat and I didn't decide to become a teacher until I was well past college age and I gave a presentation on The Print Shop at the Milwaukee Educational Computing Association) I want our students to think teaching is a great thing to do, so I make sure they get chances to help each other without doing the work for the other students. Amy and Carla had help from several of the boys who decided to come back for another trimester also. It's great to see them cooperating and being there for each other. (See video below)