Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fire Drills

We ran into a couple of snags this week when both classes ended up losing an entire class period due to bus evacuation drills. We get less than two hours a week, so this didn't help. Some students had to start over on the tables because they did not clone the prims, or they cloned them and then moved them to the side which makes it difficult to align them again. Getting a bird's eye view helps line things up with the grid on the workspace, but kids are only using a touch pad and it is more difficult to build without a mouse. Things too far out of alignment do not get the full 10L for the day's building. A few curricular projects began this week too.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Retirement in the Virtual World

As of May 2013, my real life world as a teacher came to an end and I retired from the classroom. No more student avatars to build fun things. It was a fun time but I see no point to having it to myself. Thanks to all the wonderful students I worked with on the Second Life Teen Grid, the Reaction Grid, and Jokaydia Grid. I am happy we have this blog as a documentation of our accomplishments. I will miss working with my virtual students. Adios!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DoubleView Silhouette Portraits

Jr. High students created a double view portrait by first taking a front view and a side view of each other. They cleared out the backgrounds, resized the images, and tried to line up the features on the side view with the front view. They selected a specific portion of the side view and deleted the silhouette from the front view creating the bizarre look of the portrait. After that they added a layer with either a gradient or photo as a background for their portrait. Many digital tools and skills were used to create these pieces.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding Warhol Projects to Mini Galleries

Apologies for the audio. My students get very enthusiastic as they are working on the grid. As they complete their Warhol projects in Gimp, they will upload them to the Jokaydia Grid and place them in their galleries.
They are still struggling with the design principle of unity and some of the galleries look more like mini garage sales, but in time they will become more unified in style.
At the Jr. High age, you need to give students some flexibility in working so they can play around with textures and shapes. An aesthetic sensibility is years in the making and these students are really just beginning to form their own artistic choices.