Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Living Room Project

Next week everyone will be transitioning from the living room solo project to the house building small group exercise. Most of the work in this class is done "at your own speed," but I also want to keep them challenged. By now, each student has learned enough to be a valuable team member even if they can't do everything themselves. This will be a good chance for them to understand what skills and talents they can bring to the table. This coming week they will be doing some reflective writing about the experience so far and I will certainly get those posted as soon as I have the final copies.

The students who were in Advanced Computers during the last trimester of 08-09 will move from their house building project to a project of their own devising that directly relates to one or more of their other content areas. Those of you who "know" Second Life will probably nod knowingly when I tell you that one student mentioned building a pyramid. (One of the basic shapes is already a pyramid) I asked if they were studying ancient Egypt and he said no. This project must be something they are going to be studying this year, so it will require much more of a "connection."