Friday, April 30, 2010

Grid Hopping Cartoon Characters

Today I moved copies of several student created cartoon characters to my Art Gallery on the Reaction Grid. If you have been watching the photostories I have posted, you have seen some of the progress during the Cartoon Challenge. I am making these part of the permanent gallery as I have done with much of my students' work from past years. In the beginning I put student work on the hallway walls at Holy Family in Whitefish Bay, WI. I then got lucky and was able to display work at the local library. When the internet became available to me, I learned HTML and created a website where I posted digital photos I took with my new Sony Mavica. (It had a disk drive, remember?) Now that I have my own virtual land on the Reaction Grid, I have created a 3D Art Gallery with all the student artwork I have collected over the years I have been teaching including the move from Wisconsin to Arizona. People from all over the world can see what used to hang on a home refrigerator. How cool is that?