Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome Edison Students!

Today a new group of students entered Second Life as part of the Edison School contingent. Since we are focusing quite a bit on the STEM initiative on PESD Island, they are all wearing a simple uniform of faded jeans and a school t-shirt. We just don't have enough time with this group to do the custom shirts as it is just a small part of a larger technology elective that includes important basic skills such as keyboarding, etc. We are hoping that given a taste of both Gimp and Second Life, some of these students will choose to accept an invitation back for another trimester which is geared to the building aspects of Second Life. Today they learned how to login, they did the basic tutorial, learned how to use the camera and take a snapshot of their "first look." Their homebase is the drum circle area of Edison Music Park, the home of their teacher, Mrs. Pamela Rodriguez. (See video below)