Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now I Know How Robinson Crusoe Felt

Since there was no commerce on the Teen Grid, I was continuing the transfer of items to my alternate avatar Ginger Trafalgar so when she had to move to the Teen Grid she was loaded with as much stuff as possible. (Both Bernajean and Maggie gave me this advice and I was seriously taking it to heart) I then get a message from Linden Lab that Ginger's account had already been transferred to the Teen Grid. Aarrrggghhh!!!

She's not ready yet! So I called Jay back and asked if as long as I was logged in could Ginger continue "packing for her trip." She said that was fine but the next time she logged in, she would have to go to PESD Island. Whew! That gave me a couple of hours yet. I had already given her a ton of textures kids could use for building, quite a few historical costumes, giant prims, sculpties, and plants, but there was so much more to give her. 

I knew that was it. Nothing more I could give her, nothing more I could do. I took a deep breath, logged back in following the directions given me in case I could not log back in and the video below shows the rest. Ginger is now as alone as Robinson Crusoe. She has so much to share with students and can't wait to see what kind of spaces they develop with 15,000 prims to use! We are off on what I hope is the adventure of a lifetime for these kids. Now I just have to figure out how to get them in! (See video below)